Friday, April 18, 2008

Another resource for all of us women lawyers (and aspirants to same)

I'm adding a link to the Ms. J.D. website to our blog. I learned of the organization when it was in the formative stages a few years ago, but I was just now prompted to check out their website because one of my research assistants has just gotten a summer job with them. There's a lot of good practical advice there, so have a look.

Among the news there: today, April 18, 2008, is Equal Pay Day. The National Women's Law Center is encouraging everyone to blog about it, so here's my invitation to you to chime in here . . . now . . . on our alumni/course blog.

My contribution to the topic is a not-so-fun fact I learned in the course of my research about rural women: Whereas nationally women make $.77 to every male dollar, the figure is about $.55 to the male $1 in rural areas.

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