Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pressing reprodutive freedom issues in Sacramento, and more widely in California

I heard this week on the California Report (on NPR) that recent polls show Proposition 4, which would require minors to get their parents' permission to terminate a pregnancy and also impose a waiting period, leading by 48% to 41%. If you would like to volunteer to work against Proposition 4, please contact No on Prop. 4.

As a related matter, Sacramento NOW is organizing volunteer clinic defenders to work with various Sacramento clinics who are currently under siege. Women's Health Specialists, in particular, is in need. This clinic is on the "40 days for life" calendar, which means protestors will likely be ever-present at the clinic for the next few weeks. If you can volunteer to be a clinic defender, contact the Sacramento NOW chapter.

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Jen said...

ACLU is sponsoring No on 4 phone banking in Davis. I think you can find out more through the facebook group "get up and vote down 8 and 4." Planned Parenthood Mar Monte is organizing phone banks in Sacramento on Wednesdays and Thursday evenings.