Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some women are lonely

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she is, anyway, in the context of the United States Supreme Court. Other women at the top of their professions probably feel that way, too. Glass ceiling and all that ...

Justice Ginsburg's characterization of herself as "lonely" is one part of this piece by Maira Kalman that struck me as worthy of note. The piece is now No. 2 on the NYT most emailed list. It includes many interesting lessons/insights for "baby lawyers" (indeed, all lawyers). It's part philosophy, part art, part practical politics. It's funny, too.

Don't miss the last slide/piece of Kalman, where the author/artist asks her 92-year-old aunt, "What is the most important thing?" The aunt answers, "self-confidence."

Which reminds me of Sarah Palin, and posts here and here. Maybe Sarah came to teach all of us some things. Of course, so did Maira Kalman! And Ms. Kalman makes the learning a lot more fun, with great art, too (but I already said that).

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Slice of Pink said...

Perhaps not surprisingly, my favorite part of Kalman's piece:

"And in front of the Supreme Court Facade that states "Equal Justice Under Law" stands a woman in a shocking-pink coat. Pink it is."

I wonder if we can get the recipe for the sublime Grand Marinier cake, too.