Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thought Provoking Interview with Former Dominatrix on NPR

On Monday night I listened to this interview on NPR:

At first I was just listening to the charming voice of Melissa Febos, and her brand of warm and psychological take on the four years she spent as a professional dominatrix, while she put herself through college, used and then quit using heroin. But then it got me thinking about how much she dared to open up and risk her now-professional career as a creative writing professor. Certainly, I have my own emotionally charged issues with pornography and sex for sale, which are probably grounded in my own insecurities about my body and image thereof. The interview, on the other hand, made me admire Ms. Febos, at the very least for her kudos and for being able to use her experiences and talk about them publicly, even write a memoir about them. Which is altogether problematic for me, because as a feminist, I should take a definite stance against the exploitation of women in any form whatsoever. I suspect there is a difference between the rejection of all forms of prostitution and the acceptance of individuals' extraordinary life stories, but the line, I fear, is a thin one to draw here.


Erin S. said...

Not all feminists find it problematic to support the choices of women like Febos, or even reject all forms of prostitution as exploitation.

Clio said...

This article discusses Febos' book from the viewpoint of a feminist-identified dominatrix.