Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said about Hillary's near tearful moment

So, it seems Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, which is being touted as a big comeback. Even if she had not won, would we all still be talking about her "welling up" yesterday, when asked by a voter how she did it, suggesting a question about how she held up under the strain of campaigning. Hillary's response has been characterized as emotional not only because of the tears that came to her eyes, but also because of what she said, invoking her personal commitment and desire to make the country better.

Among the commentators on the topic are Gloria Steinem, whose op-ed piece in the New York Times was the top emailed story much of today. Katha Pollitt of The Nation weighed in, as have many voters on blogs.

In the aftermath of New Hampshire, we are seeing news coverage that indicates women voters rallied around Hillary, perhaps in particular in the aftermath of her Iowa loss, perhaps also because she teared up on Monday in New Hampshire. I heard speculation in the run up to the Iowa caucuses that Hillary, because of her vast experience, transcends gender -- that gender is no longer an issue in this campaign. Think again.

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