Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NPR on the Women's Vote

An interesting segment on Morning Edition this morning analyzed women voters in the context of the current Presidential race. My big takeaways were:
  • a woman's vote is better predicted by life stage than by age; the commentators noted, for example, that among a group of 42-year-old women, one might be a grandmother (did you know the average age of a first-time grandmother in this country is 46?), one might be the mother of a young child, and one might be a never-married childless woman
  • women supporting Obama are generally slightly better educated than women supporting Clinton
  • most women are undecided about who to support in the general election, and they will make their decisions much closer to election time
  • most significantly, women voters will decide who our next President is
If you're not registered to vote, it's too late for the California primary but NOT for the general election. Get registered and Make your views heard!

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