Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Couple of Columns Worth Reading about the Hillary Thing

Here is Gail Collins from today's NYT. Her main point: Hillary's campaign did achieve something for women. She summarizes:

By the end of those 54 primaries and caucuses, Hillary had made a woman running for president seem normal.

* * *

For all her vaunting ambition, she was never a candidate who ran for president just because it’s the presidency. She thought about winning in terms of the things she could accomplish, and she never forgot the women’s issues she had championed all her life — repair of the social safety net, children’s rights, support for working mothers.

And here is the Domestic Disturbances blog by Judith Warner (now back from book leave! Yippeee!!), doing a "compare and contrast" on "Sex and the City" the movie and Hillary's loss to Obama or, more precisely, Hillary's treatment during this campaign. It is provocatively titled, "Woman in Charge, Women Who Charge," and it was the most emailed story in the NYT for most of yesterday. Collins' piece has enjoyed that honor much of today. I guess that means that someone cares about these issues. I suspect a lot of women are reading these, sharing them, looking for solace. I hope (and expect) that men are reading them, too.

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