Tuesday, June 10, 2008

so much interesting stuff about gender, so little time to write

Several headlines caught my attention today. They are about a hodge-podge of issues that matter to all of us in one way or another

One of the top emailed stories today in the New York Times is titled "Gay Unions Shed Light on Gender in Marriage." Read it here.

Another on the top ten list is on a quite different topic. It is "Operation Lets Muslim Women Reclaim Virginity."

And there are my thoughts on Hillary's speech on Saturday. I guess I'll be content for now with sharing just my favorite line: “To those who are disappointed that we couldn’t go all of the way, especially the young people who put so much into this campaign, it would break my heart if, in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from pursuing yours.” The 18 -million-cracks-in-the-glass-ceiling line was pretty good, too.

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