Friday, October 24, 2008

More on Sarah's appearance . . . then and now

A couple of stories in today's NYT are all about Sarah. The 2d most emailed story right now features the headline, "Top Salary in McCain Camp? Palin's Makeup Stylist." Another story is "Little-Noticed College Student to Star Politician." It features the photo right, of Palin in the Miss Alaska contest in 1984.

In one sense, Palin has come a long way. In another, she clearly has not. With a $150K wardrobe and a $11K/week make-up stylist, she still seems to be pretty focused on appearance.

In fairness, society puts a lot of pressure on young women to attend to their physical appearance, and I find it credible that Palin was involved in pageants to raise scholarship money to help fund her education. But who is driving the current attention to Palin's appearance, Palin or the media? And what was Hillary Clinton's wardrobe budget? Certainly we saw quite a bit of attention directed to HRC's hair and clothing. We've also seen quite a bit of attention to what Michelle Obama wears, and to Cindy McCain's costly duds. What price might a female politician pay for not attending to these matters?

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Jen said...

I can't help but feel that female candidates face greater pressure when it comes to public appearance Clinton used to be ridiculed as first lady about her clothes/hair etc. I think the cost of not spending the money might be greater...sigh. I assume Clinton had much more personal wealth to spend on her wardrobe during the primaries, so I'm not sure if she ever had to report such expenses.